Laura Micacchi is a fashion designer, boasting a wide production of unique hand-made creations, from clothing accessories, such as stoles, shawls, belts and bags, unusual jewels (also of precious metals, like gold and silver), to interior décor, such as draperies, bed and sofa covers and other upholstery solutions.
Her art has been influenced by her eclectic personality, the Italian culture and her great interest in foreign traditions, and expresses in two different ways, very far from each other: the ethnic style and the minimalist fashion. Characterized by bright colours, her ethnic creations are the frivolous and deeply feminine result of the combination of different materials, like costly hand-painted fabrics, leather yarns, elegant facings, beads, buttons, old coins and feathers.

Her minimalist fashion tendency, on the contrary, is deeply influenced by the design, meant as expression of the materials, of geometric lines and shapes. Every work is realized with great attention to the smallest details, even if it can seem that the simple juxtaposition of unusual fabrics and materials is totally fortuitous.

accessori e creazioni fashion design made in Italy fatte a mano
accessori e creazioni fashion design made in Italy fatte a mano

Laura has developed these two opposite stylistic tendencies thank to her education and her passion for travel: Once she earned the degree in “textile printing” from the renowned Institute “ Polimoda ” in Florence (, she worked in Milan at first for Haute Couture fabric manufacturers, learning the textile processing of the most valuable fabrics.

She moved then to Tuscany, where she worked in a small textile workshop, specializing in manual labour, being free from the restrictions of the large-scale production. A great influence on her personality, and consequently on her art, have had the journeys that Laura did in her life to Asia and Central America. Travelling around in countries, such as India, Indonesia, Nepal and Thailand, Cambogia and Laos, where unspoilt nature rules over the human development and which are characterized by deep social problems, has enriched her culture, increasing her artistic feelings and capabilities.

These different experiences have developed her artistic techniques in two different ways: the working experience in Milan let her learn a processing method for costly cloths, while on the other side, the experience in the workshop emphasized her artistic inclination. Laura's creations are now displayed in the new showroom “INTERNO 29”, located in the heart of Sarzana, a small town of Medieval origins situated between Liguria and Tuscany, where the artist lives and works.